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An old Auntie, with a glorious past as a classical musician, performs in theatres all over the world together with her Nephew, a promising flute player.

They give wonderful concerts as a trio…but who is the third artist? 

It's Norma, the old aunt's Nurse… and that's why the duo, captivated by the girl's passion for opera, will have to change their repertoire. The most famous opera arias will be performed in an extraordinarily entertaining and extravagant way, with the accompaniment of piano, flute, and the countless objects Norma will decide to play. 


The show is a clown play, a comedy full of fun and virtuoso performances of classical

and modern music, with quick-fire gags and rhythmic effects that will thrill you.  

The three comic concert old-timers in the show are Franca Pampaloni, piano, Nicanor Cancellieri, flute, Silvia Laniado, opera soprano, directed by Rita Pelusio


The unlikely trio of Troppe Arie will surprise you with classical 

music you would never expect!   


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She has performed Italian operas for 50 years and dreams of one day making love to Keith Richards.



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After a lifetime playing at Sunday School, he’s finally on tour with Auntie!




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The first time she got on stage, she completely forgot that she was only there to push

the wheelchair.

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