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Trio Trioche was created to be able to communicate through the blending of physical theatre, clown acts, and vocal and instrumental virtuosity. Everything is conveyed without the spoken word, but only using music and gestures. The Trio interacts with the audience through a recognisable universal code, where the most beautiful opera arias and well-known musical pieces are interpreted, rearranged and demystified in a completely original way.


Their first show “Troppe Arie” (“Too Many Arias” – with a double meaning: “show off”) is suitable in Italy and abroad for an audience of all ages. Thanks to the Trio’s versatile language, they’re able to perform in a variety of different settings such as theatres, circuses, street theatres and youth theatres, exhibitions and music festivals.



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The Trio came to be in the winter of 2013, when three comedy musicians met: a pianist, Franca Pampaloni, a flautist, Nicanor Cancellieri and a singer, Silvia Laniado. The aim was to play classical music with a twist, not in a serious and traditional way, but while having fun and entertaining.


Three musicians, three clowns, assemble to experiment beyond the scopes of their own instruments. They play and discover new lingos where music and sound turn into comedy. Thanks to the contribution of Rita Pelusio, a director who passionately participated in the group’s creation, the Trio has a strong clown character. What often sparks laughter in the audience is the skillful blend of musical flair with the eccentric personalities of the performers. The musician isn't merely an unresponsive actor, but a human being complete with flaws, fits, small obsessions and ambiguities: an elderly classical pianist with a secret passion for the Sex Pistols; a stiff flautist turns out to be a wild, spirited dancer; a nurse in charge of pushing a wheelchair reveals herself as a talented singer who can perform the most famous opera arias.



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Franca began to study the piano at the age of eight and graduated in 1991 from Padova's Conservatory. In 1997, she earned a degree in Musicology in Bologna. She was then awarded a degree in Composition and Jazz Music at La Spezia Conservatory in 2009. 


She worked on clown art and comedy characters with different teachers, such as Jean Meaning, Rita Pelusio, Eric de Bont and Ted Keiser. As an accordionist, she played in different bands and collaborated with prestigious ensembles, like singer Gabriella Ferri’s quintet; Tristan Honsinger’s ‘Opera Mobile’; L. Di Volo’s and C. Bombardella’s “KLETZMER EXPERIENCE” where she produced a CD of the same title with Tuscany’s ‘Orchestra Regionale’. As a soloist, she produced the CD: “Music for Accordion”. 


A large part of her time went into composition and arrangement of scores for various shows with international and Italian companies: Enrique Vargas' Teatro de los Sentidos (Colombia-Spain) and Cyrcus Sybilla (Norway). She shared many projects and shows with Rita Pelusio in the ‘90s. Rita conceives and directs the musical comedy show “Meglio Tarde che Mai” in a duo with  flautist Luz Pierotto. It was replicated within numerous theatrical shows all over Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Brazil. Rita also worked on Troppe Arie with Nicanor Cancellieri and Silvia Laniado.


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Nicanor Cancellieri was born in Rosario, Argentina, on 24th November 1975. He has lived in Italy since 1986 and graduated from the “L.Cherubini” Conservatory in Florence with Maria Di Sabatino. He went on to take masters and specialization courses with Michele Marasco at “Il Trillo” School and Fabio Fabbrizzi of the ‘Orchestra regionale Toscana’, as well as the two-year course offered by ‘Siena jazz’. During his theatrical studies he was taught by many Maestri: Alexander Jakovlevic, in his two- year course, on the Stanislavskij method; Franco Piacentini and Alessandro Riccio, in Commedia dell'Arte; and Rita Pelusio and Nola Rae, in the art of clowning.


He also attended the Nouveau Clown Institute in Barcelona and carried out internships with Loco Brusca, Jango Edwards, Jef Johnson, Eric de Bont and others. Since 2002, he has performed at street festivals and theatres in the “Giullari Fiorentini” duo together with Lapo Botteri. On top of his musical and acting skills, he learnt juggling, beat box and tap dancing. The main shows he performed in are: “La Regal Burla” directed by A. Riccio with Lapo Botteri, “Stenterello” directed by A. Riccio, “Meglio Tarde che Mai” directed by Rita Pelusio with Franca Pampaloni and Troppe Arie with Trio Trioche.




She graduated in Performing Arts at the P.A.U.T. Physical Theatre School and in Theory and Solfeggio at the Conservatory of Milan. She also graduated with honours in Human Sciences for Communication. She began singing as a child in the Minipolifonici Choir in Milan and at age twelve performed the role of Donizetti in the opera “La Prova dell’Accademia Finale”. She will then go on to study gospel singing and jazz with Francesca Oliveri and other teachers. She eventually meets Marco Farinella and the Mod.a.i. Institute, where vocal studies take her to perform as a singer and to work as a vocal coach.


In 2007, Silvia founds the company “Le due e un quarto” (Quarter past two). She produces shows that blend comedy theatre with puppetry, in Europe and across the world. Her duo wins many awards (Premio Benedetto Ravasio for best emerging company, Menzione Mirabilia for best street show, Premio Gianduia for best comedy show). In 2013, she becomes part of Trio Trioche, where she re-interprets and revisits classical music pieces in a clown-like key.

She also collaborates with numerous companies and theatres as an actress and comedy singer.

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